Log Your Daily Exercise


Ran for the first time since Friday. We got hit by an ice storm and didn't have power for 3 days. All of my energy went towards staying warm and not dying on the ice.
It felt pretty good to get out. I am a slow runner and get bored easily so I prefer to do shorter runs most days. My goal for January is to do 50 miles. Today was a little over 2. I guess I need to find my Garmin so I can start tracking distances again 🏃‍♂️


I walked on the treadmill for an hour. I've been getting ready for this moment all week ( starting to work out again) Part of me is mad because I really thought I could control what I ate, so I wouldn't have to exercise.. But it's just an hour. I'll feel better after a couple of times. I feel pissy! 😠


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Hubby and I power-walked around the high school track for about 45 minutes. We don't get to hike every other day with winter break over, but are hiking on weekends and walking the track mid-week. That's enough exercise for him for the week.

Rani G2

32.0 F outside... can’t motivate myself indoors

Sport gloves = Jumping jacks for warm up, resistance bands for shoulders
Triceps dips 15 x 3
Step up 10x 3
Leg lowers 10x 3

Resistance bands for biceps and triceps, shoulder
Bands for legs and Glutes


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Today is hiking day. Hooray!!! 🥳

I also need to do my lunges because somehow yesterday I did every damned exercise I know to do for my hips plus a few new core exercises, but forgot about the lunges. I will be honest, I have a selective memory when it comes to the lunges, just like I used to have about the bridges. I don't know who I think I am rebelling against, but I am pretty good at it.