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I have a routine down, finally. It's gotten pretty regular.

Since I am fighting with extremely hypermobile hips and hypermobile-enough shoulders, I spend a lot of time strengthening, these days. I am up to 15 exercises on the 3-4 days a week I don't hike/walk -- some with resistance bands and other small equipment/stuff. I'm doing 30 reps on each side (or both sides at once) of everything except planks (because the day I can do 30 planks is probably the day I will explode into fitness nirvana and leave this world). Today, I did 3 of those at 30 seconds each, but that one varies a lot, still.

My tendonitis in my hamstring flared-up during my hike, yesterday. I am blaming my new ab roller for this. I used it today, regardless, and hope for a less painful hike, tomorrow, but I have a feeling I will not be so lucky. I am going to give it some time. I think I just threw the system off-balance, again.

Rani G2

Two days with very low motivation, moody and lazy.. Bed and couch becoming more attractive..

Meaning I needed another strategy today: Oat milk and Avacadoe.. ,Water.. wait for 30 mins..
Still very urghhhhh. Only a very light excercise today..

And planks = 30 sec. Just 2X
Excercise 10x3 for lower abs
That’s it..