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Another week of swimming every second day. I'm not doing the swims easily and I don't know why. Just off. I didn't get to the pool till late this afternoon so maybe I'm better exercising in the morning. Idk... I did 800 metres and 10 min vertical kicking session then dragged myself out. Better than nothing I guess.
Due to a steady stream of house-hold emergencies involving appliances that have just decided to blow up or die... storm water pipes that have been cracked and other miscellaneous domestic events I haven't swum for six entire days and my body is complaining and giving me a really hard time about it. So tomorrow I go back to my mums for Easter and then some extra days... so taking all of my gear and will go to the pool there. Must go! Just must!


I don’t know if any of all y’all have seen the commercial where the lazy lady puts her Fitbit on her dog’s tail before taking him to the park to play fetch?

okay. Wait. Voila.

Now that we’re all on the same page???

For the past few weeks I have sooooooo been. that. dog. 🤣 Because my boss is trying to win a bet that managers don’t just sit on their asses all day. (They DO.). So it’s an absolutely silly bet. So the management team is taking it completely seriously, by giving US their fitness trackers. And “competing” with each other about who’s doing the most. For our part, we keep trading trackers around to make it more interesting / skew the results even further, and pt various bosses in the leeeeeead! Wait! Here comes so&so on the outside!…. It’s like racing turtles. It’s awesome.

But the upside? I’ve found out I’m walking somewhere between 15-20k steps in a 5 hour shift. Which is not a terrible 10mi walk time. Not fantastic. But also respectable.

That walking 10mi used to be my “I don’t count this” extra bit of my lifestyle I am pointedly -and repeatedly- ignoring. I’ve ALSO taken 5 hours to gimp along 1 puny painful (never ending!) mile. So? Baby steps.

Woof. 🐕 Bow wow wow, yippie ki ah aye. Woof.


I have a painful condition called neurogenic claudication brought on by spinal stenosis; a narrowing of the spinal column that presses on nerves and causes pain deep in my lower back, hips, and legs when I walk. I have to stop and rest several times when I walk to the store a couple of blocks away so that the pain will subside a bit and I can then continue walking. I have to use a cane to help support my body.

I only walk to the store twice a week and it is really the only exercise that I get. I will increase to a daily exercise regimen after I have back surgery to correct the problem and the doctor gives me permission to go ahead with it.


I Use a cane also, I use it to support my imbalance which, have Dementia. I also, so I am finding it hard to write .i get so confused too. They might put me in a special unit, where they do memory care. I have to be so careful. I don't want to fall. Old age is not any fun. As to exercise, I walk around a lot, but I need flat surfaces to do it safely. Those things help that I do to get some exercise.
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I got out of bed. I walked to the bathroom. I sat down in my office chair. I brewed a cup of coffee. I answered the phone. I checked the mail. I went to see who was at the door.

I ain't kidding you all with the chronic pain and fatigue I have it is a major effort to do anything and I am only 60. It is all exercise to me.