Mood out of 10. Contributing factors.


+ it's nearly dinner time, anticipation of summat good is the mutt's
+ excitement over learning new things I can do with procreate and the excitement over praise from one of my fav artists
- slightly frantic / distracted headspace
- functioning less than I'd like
- waiting for test results
- still not fully better from covid
+ I'm so dam happy I have some thing to be happy about.

The Albatross

6 of 10.
Better if I could thwart chronic pain and the constant buzzing in my head.
Better too if I would just rewrite my appointment book which has so many scribbles I gave up and it's turned into notes on the backs of envelopes, or odd scraps of paper. Ack.

The Albatross

I'm sorry to read that Ronin. What are the contributing factors?

4 of 10

Contributing factors:

  • Continued weird mother behavior... obsessing about the cat again and creating drama although the cat is healthy and well. I blew up and then called a friend to tell on myself. I told her that being under stimulated, stuck at home and leading an uninteresting life right now is not a reason to make up false illnesses about a healthy cat when I have two others who could die.
  • Fear and frustration... if mom can't accurately report her own stuff or stuff about her cat. If/when something big happens how accurate will the info I'll be expected to act on for her behalf be? Not wanting the responsibility at the moment cuz it seems like a trap.
  • Continued ear ringing, allergic inflammation and pain.
  • An increasingly distressed and cranky spouse. He's eating his pain and it shows. When he's not eating or sleeping he's taking some pretty major swipes at the safe one... me.


About a 4. That's up from a 1 earlier today. My stress cup has been underwater these days - way too much for me to deal with. I've been trying to just "be," but unfortunately I have a lot I have to do, things that just can't wait. Better right now because it's late and I have no more I HAVE to do.

What contributes?
- 2 sick cats, one of which isn't eating and sleeps all the time, the other which poops all over the place because she has lymphoma
- no job (and really no interest in working, which is just not going to be possible for much longer)
- no one except my mom to really connect with
- a million "little" things that are mostly inconveniences, but they are so inconvenient right now I want to go to bed and just stay there

The Albatross

@ Ronin... the perceptions/perceived contributing factors can be a revelation. Relate though... fact is that the day starts and ends, each day whether I think things through properly or not. Best ya can is initiating habits & new behaviors eh?


Low 2.

Contributing uppers (yo @The Albatross, wasn't ignoring you the first time you asked... just genuinely spaced out the Q / brain didn't read it, and the 2nd time normal avoidance. So now tryna remember we also log factors in this thread. :whistling: Thanks for the hand up / care, then.)

.... food & that I'm working on that trigger / acknowledging it's really not the norm.

The downers don't get the spotlight.