Medical MRI Shows Tumors & Cysts On Spine

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Wow that's serious stuff Mach... I'm sorry to hear this.

Hmm.. I know you like this guy Mach. Have you asked him what alternative treatments are available aside from surgery? Just asking because generally surgeons are really good at opting for surgery and you maybe could pursue information relating to all options before going under the knife.

I read an article a few weeks ago (why I was reading one on the stats of results of prostate surgery - I will NEVER fathom... and I cannot tell you a source either... this is so irritating - sorry) :rolleyes: tended to indicate that there is a hell of a lot of prostate surgery (as a first treatment regime) that was either unnecessary or the cancer could be treated with a targeted dose of radiotherapy thereby keeping 'everything' in situ., and reducing the likelihood of those 'side effects' he muttered about.

It also mentioned that the cancers for prostate cancer can be so incredibly slow growing that in a lot of cases no treatment was necessary at all. :wtf:

Can you look into it a little further Mach... bc maybe I acquired this information to gift onto you?


Thanks everyone. I will do everything I can and I'll avoid
the surgery at all costs. I thought or formed the impression that the doctor felt felt bad. I thought (because I didn't think about much else yesterday) he was like sad, that he had to try and be encouraging even thoughhe knew what he is going to do to me,and that I'm not going to be happy.
He said they didn't recommend the chemo/radiation because they are finding that guys they do that to get other problems 15 or 20 years later. I forget what he said about that. I'll find out! Doesn't sound like a bad gamble now that I wrote it down.

The questionnaire said "how would you feel if things stayed like they are right now re your prostate problems, I checked "delighted.?"

I can do "delighted."

I told him I had CSA. It's funny telling a man, but he's a doctor. I felt good about it, I put it out at the appropriate time and I "liked"
His reaction. That seems like a funny way to say that.

Because it it's useful for me to say it at a time like that when he wants to know what I'm doing and what's going on and how's all this gonna effect everything.

Because his reaction, all in a moment without any words said to me, "disability is understandable in your case." Then he moved right along.

He was very nice and reassuring as well and he was walking me out and saying he'd be there at the biopsy. I just met him and I thought that was really nice and I felt "cared for."

But I get it. They wanna do surgery. Lol

We will c what the biopsy shows I guess I can't get out of that. No aspirin for 7 days!


Ok so it's in the morning. I did ok today and tonight. We were going back and forth a little about dinner which we got pizza. Any excuse to eat junk food the last thing I need right now.

It's business as usual, doctors appointments are fairly routine and they aren't going to do anything that's beyond stuff I've had done before. I have to do some prep in the morning and take a couple pills, after that it'll only take a couple hours and I'll have the rest of the day.

I realized I didn't ask him "what's the worst thing you could find?" Like could he come back and say "this is x and it's really bad news." I don't know if I'll ask him in the morning. Probably not. I don't need him to help me worry I can do that myself.

We had a good week. Can't wait to take an aspirin man seriously everything hurts. But nothing really bad just a couple points on the pain scale higher than usual. Aspirin really helps though.

We are going together with one of my daughters which is unfortunate because I'd prefer to go alone because my daughter will not comprehend nor feel one way or the other what's going on and it'll just upset her she is not fond of hospitals.

My wife insists on going though and it's the only alternative available. (As far as she's concerned lol)

I don't expect to know anything right away that's fine. I can wait, this is one time I'm in no rush.


Proton therapy is an extremely successful non invasive treatment for prostate cancer. I am sure there are perameters that must be met, but may be an option ??? Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.


That hurt. Seriously. I got five 5mg oxys so I took one and I'm lying down. He said don't do anything today, and don't pick up anything heavier than a newspaper. Don't worry, I won't. 10 days till I get the results.


I'm feeling better, bleeding seems to have stopped. I was feeling very (x) when I woke up. Now I feel better. Medicine is working. That was a traumatic experience. It's sad they do that. It didn't have to be that painful.

I'm resting again today. My wife is going to be home. I'm thinking about sex which is nice because I know I'm feeling better in my body which I'm probably mad at for betraying me and having to be worried about being sick.

I know I don't really feel my body or rather I access it from different locations. It's one thing to me and something else to my other parts which is why I can't feel anything.

I felt what they did yesterday.

Trash is out, lunch made, and one kid out of here for the day and one to go.

I'm going to take an Alka Seltser soon which is aspirin. They said wait 48 hours. Half of which is probably time enough especially since the bleeding has stopped. I'm really looking forward to that since I'm in chronic pain and haven't taken anything for it in 7 days. Aspirin helps.


Well I was wrong and the horrible "experience" was not yet over.

After a very trying run up to sex I had my first post biopsy orgasm yesterday in the morning.

It was very much like a horror movie. It's very difficult to adjust to the body going off the rails.

What I expect to see when I have an orgasm (that I'm able to see) is not what I saw.

What I expected was "some blood in the ejaculant." They said the same thing about going pee, "some blood in the urine."

Not what happened. What came out was blood. I guess it was "blood and everything else" but all you could see was blood.

The whole experience was dark, bloody and painful.

Not really feeling all that great lol. I'm finally going to the bathroom also, nobody said anything about being so constipated.

We took a day trip yesterday in spite of everything and it was nice.

: (


The whole experience was dark, bloody and painful.
If you were taking blood thinners in the first 48-72 hours post biopsy (aspirin) you may need to call them and let them know you’re still bleeding // and that you were taking aspirin before it had had a chance to clot properly and start healing. ESP if you’re still taking aspirin, drinking alcohol, or taking any other kind of anticoagulant.

Post op care for people on blood thinners is vastly different than for those whose bodies will clot at incisions/excisions and heal on their own.

Correction... instead of may call, DO call the office & speak to one of the nurses.
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