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Medical MRI Shows Tumors & Cysts On Spine

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I got good news my PSA went down almost a full point. I'm hopeful the urologist is going to say keep doing what your doing but I didn't do anything. I pretended I didnt know about it the last six weeks or so. I see the dr tomorrow.

Nothing really changed except we started walking. I find it had to believe with the shape I was in a year ago that my activity level influenced it.

So I didn't look into it though. I guess I'll do it now but I'm pretty happy.
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I'm at the doctor. They don't know what makes your PSA go up or down according to the nurse we will see what the doctor says.

They don't know why you live or die she said. Some people go on living with cancer and do well and some people die in a short time. IDK.

I had symptoms the whole time after the biopsy and I was horrified I'd get a high PSA and so be spiralling down. That's not a good attitude. That's not what happened either.

We will see after this. : ). Keep smiling.
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Wow I just lost a post, I have not done that in a long while.

I'm good. My cancer is under control. PSA is down and the exam is normal, I assume he meant normal for me, I didn't ask.

I said what's the PSA level influenced by he said who knows. Don't be surprised if it's up next time. He said we want to see no big spikes and nothing we don't like with the exam.

So I'm good. I never know what to do about that it's always so unexpected. I really didn't think I was doing well so who knows.

I got the all clear at the doctor and I made up with my wife so it'd be pretty hard to complain right now. Been a good day so far.
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I have the Urologist next week. That means "cancer doctor". I have every reason to believe I will get a good result because I cleaned up so much. But whatever. It's getting about time for that biopsy again i bet and if he were to ask me about it right now (results depending) I'd say "I think we can skip it". IDK. I like this guy? I don't think he needs to do unnecessary procedures for money. I have very conveniently put this out of my mind the last 3 months. (who says the ability to disassociate is always a bad thing?) The only thing bothering me somewhat is last time i expected a bad result and got a good one so naturally this time I expect the reverse. Oh well. Since this thread is sort of a dumping ground for my health issues I wanna mention that the steroid injections I got in my wrists (which I have an appointment with him soon too) really really worked and reduced my over all pain threshold a LOT.
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Well, no luck! my psa was up quite a bit so he scheduled an MRI and depending on that result, another biopsy. He said i get to be in the hospital and general anesthesia this time thank God. i said I hope youll be willing to give me a few painkillers for after and he pushed back about it. he said we usually don't write prescription for painkillers for that, i laughed at him.

Im not happy. last time i was bleeding for a couple days and very uncomfortable.

Anyway im unhappy with that news. i was feeling really happy this morning so i was apprehensive? Lots of times feeling really good happens before a downer.

i feel like i was ready though in the back of my mind i was like "hope for the best, prepare for the worst," which i think i did. So im not feelimg too bad.
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