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Medical MRI Shows Tumors & Cysts On Spine

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Thanks it's a trial. I'm afraid naturally. I made so much noise about the biopsy I'm afraid they're making fun of me a little. I guess most of the guys they treat are tough, I'm not, I think they're barbaric. Also I admit I didn't do any research before the first biopsy and they didn't tell me what it was gonna be like but I feel weird about them now. The same things happened at my dentist where I had a ton of work and I was yelling about nitrous and I finally gave up. I starting crying in the dentist more than once as a result of my trauma reaction and now I'm worse than ever I tear up at the drop of a hat. I have a lot going on with my therapist who I love but I'm on the verge of firing.

These doctors when they stick you and cut you get a look at the real you and I'm hardly bothered to try and "act like a man" these days, oh well. It'd be nice to have a high pain threshold but I don't. This is one occasion I'm lible to start shouting "look all of you I'm a CSA survivor"?

But, i could go on and.on and I usually do. I'm pretty good at getting through things these days, I've had plenty of practice. Thanks again!
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Insurance problems the MRI place has no approval and they are talking toe about my doctor I said, "you have questions for my doctor, you call him". She said, "you should call us this afternoon" , I said "you have me scheduled in the morning, you want me to show up, I'd call if I were you".

It was cordial but I'm like "putting this off seems ok with me right now". If I don't hear from them I'll assume they have to reschedule. Problem solved for now .
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Had another MRI which i think was the same one that I wrote this about originally, prostate MRI with injection. The guy was a guy lol. No bedside manner whatsoever. Not a caregiver technically. A technician. 12 MRI scans a day.

But during the intake he said "you were diagnosed with prostate cancer in May (i think he said) 2019". I hesitated and said yes.

So I have been on a totally clean diet. Cabbage soup and veggies and fruits and hamburger and chicken breast and corn chips. I stopped losing weight at about 160 lbs. I know I have to eat. I should eat once more daily I am sort of hovering around twice or two meals a day. I snack in between on the good stuff, bananas and apples and raisins and hard cheese are snacks.

But he said it and it is true. I did get a cancer diagnosis, I do have cancer. Im expecting to hear from the urologist today or tomorrow. I expect the doctor or his office to call. If it's the doctor, I suspect he will say he wants to remove my prostate. If its his office i might get another reprieve. I don't really trust them. It can be viewed as a throw away organ and they make money taking them out.

But i don't have to think about it till they call me. I have to go make soup now. : ) I should say i think they follow protocol, I don't actually think they are "ghoulish" but I can't say it didn't occur to me. : (
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I saw the urologist today and good news. My PSA is down and my prostate is slightly enlarged but ok. Biopsy later this year, in a couple months, but I get to be asleep this time thank goodness. There was a break in the action because of covid and I wasn't seen for a few months and I didn't pursue them because I put stuff like that off and it was a perfect excuse so, that made me even more nervous.

I changed my eating though and I stopped drinking when I found out. I wouldn't say I completely changed my lifestyle, because I was moderately health conscious. I suppose I'd say I'd been wanting to give up the drinking I'd been doing anyway. I didn't really think about it. I just had an excuse not to, which makes sense if you're me.

So I'm lucky I always was regular about the doctor and it was found out early. That's not how it usually goes. The preventative medicine in prostate cancer had improved dramatically and I got the benefit of it. People are usually unaware they are sick or have a disease until they become symptomatic. I was symptomatic but like I said I never put stuff like that off and my wife always said I'd use any excuse to go to the doctor. True. I like going to the doctor. I have not been feeling like that since all this started, but I feel pretty good right now.
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