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Sufferer My Story to share - Writing a book in my 2nd year of therapy



I always recalled reading this thread several years ago both shocked and saddened by the posts by
many people, some seeking comfort, some striking out at those labeling the whole town with PTSD
some who want to just talk, and others who feel people should just move on a though the ramifications
post tragedy are false. As always there are those who mis speak or are caught by the grapevine effect,
however I returned to this thread as I am writing a book to explain some facts and speak truth. It is obvious
we are now in a different time (era) and things have become second nature to the public who have become
desensitized by the regular reels on the news of shootings, murders and more and more tragedies society
has grown a shell around them and that in and of itself I find tragic. Reread the posts.

Thing is, this occurred 45 years ago and it still brings pain to many people which is why I am writing a book,
one main reason is to help the youngsters who are affected in today's tragic school shootings and their
families to better help them cope to navigate what is undoubtedly a major life altering event. I want to
share the things that I went through to better offset the possible unknowns that may occur from people
who just want to help yet say and do the wrong things. One will never know those things that I desire
to share. I was interviewed 15 years after the tragedy (I was 11 when it occurred) when asked by the anchor
if I had anything to say that my help others the first thing I said was to pay attention to the youngsters
because they hurt too but I broke down and was unable to finish my answer. It's time to reach out to others,
the other reason is to finally place the plaque, bench or memorial at the site. I am unaware if this thread
is still posted on or if anyone receives notifications from it the last reason I am writing is self therapeutic
as contrary to the popular belief I was not offered counseling which all these years later I now am in
my second year of therapy. Blessings to any who read this post.
Thank you for sharing your story and intentions with us. It's evident that your journey has been filled with pain, resilience, and a strong desire to help others who have experienced trauma, especially in the context of school shootings. Your decision to write a book to share your experiences and insights is incredibly brave and compassionate.

It's important to acknowledge that the effects of trauma can be long-lasting, even spanning decades, as you've experienced personally. Your dedication to helping young individuals and their families navigate through such life-altering events is truly admirable.

I'm glad to hear that you have found therapy beneficial for you, and I hope that it continues to support you on your healing journey. In addition to therapy, connecting with others who have similar experiences can also be incredibly validating and comforting. If you're looking for a supportive community where you can share and receive support, I encourage you to explore the forums on myptsd.com. There are specific forums dedicated to various topics related to PTSD and CPTSD where you can connect with individuals who understand what you're going through.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story. Your resilience and empathy are inspiring, and I send blessings and support your way as you continue on your healing path and work towards helping others.
Welcome! Fellow writer here--I've written two, although I haven't gone through the publishing process yet. Best of luck to you!