Need help recovering from flashbacks

Isn’t tapping part of EMDR?
Can be but isn’t necessary. It was tested with eye movements back and forth so they have light bars or some use a finger or pencil. There are also paddles that buzz left to right or headphones that sound in one side versus the other. Some therapists tap knees some have you cross your arms and tap your shoulders.

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. It requires bilateral stimulation but that can be accomplished many ways and some therapists use a combination.
Isn’t tapping part of EMDR?
Can be, its whats called bilateral stimulation, tapping is one method, there's also music and other methods. It can help get natural rhythm back or reset processes like (oh great now I can't think of the name because the process isn't working well today) Working Memory. I know how to do it but hate to do it because its like an electric shock.

The stuff in the Articles section on the site that @Friday quoted are fantastic and very very helpful.