New Profession - Any Others Who Have Done Switches Professionally? Can We Flourish Regardless Of The Madness?


No crack whores allowed.
<laughing> I certainly agree it’s a good line to draw in the sand!

Although I should probably note? I’ve Nothing against sex-work, used to have several friends in the trade (although they’re all retired now, and off on passion projects since they have enough money to never have to work, again, & no one decided to go into management). It’s just not my gig, and if I’d taken on real paid sex work (I did consider it), instead of following my ex’s spiteful decree of only being allowed to work for drugs? The same consequences would have followed, as if I’d taken any other job. C’est la vie.

Sorry if you don't like ballet ;)
LMAO 🤣 I happen to love ballet. But as I’m 6 feet / 2 meters / 183cm tall? Probably not a good career choice. 😉 I’ll stick watching it from the audience.

I am just going to keep care of my projects and go for it.
<grin> Good on!


My guy's career path has been... curvy. 😄

*Food prep
*Special Forces
*'Private Contractor'
*Owner of Construction company
*VFW State Commander
*Patient care
*Quality control manager
*Corporate manager

Through all the "madness" he was always advancing his studies. His most recent accomplishment is a Masters in Engineering. He also has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

He's loving what he's doing now. He still gets to give orders and nobody gets shot at. Win/Win. 😜

It sounds like you're ready to take the plunge. Go for it! Knowledge is power!!


Big time switch. Worked in Cheque (or check) printing for 30 years. I know everything about them. Including how nobody in Canada uses them any more. It was great, walk in everyday and that door slams shut behind you and locks. You didn't get in unless you had business with us.

Then sales. Was pretty good at it. Moved from sales to Department Sales Manager to Assistant Sales Manager before the sh*t hit the fan.