ED Nourishment Accountability Thread


I'm glad this reopened. I did not, so far, do too badly during this Covid crisis. I think I weighed 213 lbs and now, 215. I have been drinking a lot of protein shakes instead of meals. I do eat oatmeal cookies, not excessively, just to get some oatmeal, because I need oatmeal's health qualities. I'm not crazy about oatmeal.

I've gotten too lazy though. My cardiologist says I should walk every day. I took the garbage out today, walking down and up a long hallway to do so. Does that count?

My scale broke before Covid...it was the one things that helped keep me paying attention to what I put in my mouth. Well, got a new scale....numbers slowly coming down, and doing more exercising and paying attention better to nutrition. Hoping to see continued progress.