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Be careful therapists and doctors can make you worse. I was assaulted by a guy and the operating doctor ruined my face to where it's unrecognizable. I know that your condition is mental and not physical, but they might prescribe you a drug that ruins your body. They won't care either. Just a paycheck for them.
My advice would be to hang around women and let them empower you until you get stronger


I would like to echo what @Friday said. I didn't know anything about fit- I thought the therapist didn't matter and that they were all the same. Then I met my current T. He's amazing. I didn't interview him but now if I needed to find a new T, I would certainly ask a lot of questions that I now know matter. I've made a lot of progress with my current T but, despite being in and out of therapy for years (decades really), I never made progress before I found the right guide. A great question to ask as well is whether or not they've ever been in therapy themselves. I think it's important to know if they have been in your shoes. They won't likely tell you why or for how long (and if they get that personal you should probably run). Also, it tells you if they've figured out their own stuff (because most therapists are therapists because they had their own stuff to work out).