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Photography Club

Thank you for your kind words, dear @ladee . With the right background music much of life is like a cartoon, at times. 😄 Grateful to still be able to laugh at it, most days.

Today was rainy and sort of blah, so I decided to try the g/f vegan chocolate chip banana bread experiment again and this time I lucked out. 😍 I used the mini-loaf pans instead of the bigger loaf pan and ta-da! I won't have to drown it in non-dairy vanilla nice cream to hide my oopsies - but that don't mean I still won't. lol


The rain finally took a break so I ventured out to check on ripening progress of the soon-to-be tomato sandwich(es):


As the sun sunk behind the mountains, I noticed I had company across the way who didn't seem to be bothered by my presence as she worked her way closer to the apple tree. lol The lighting and the flash made this kodak moment even more entertaining:

Ahhhh - nice fire vibes, @Teasel . I did a full moon fire ceremony, of sorts, the other night, but only to write down things I wish to release and burn it.

You've inspired me to gather some kindling once it dries up enough to burn. Something about a contained purposely built fire that is so soothing and meditative. @ladee 's description pretty much nails it. Thanks for the reminder to make time to build one.

What a difference a day and a monsoon-like rain fall can make in what you see when you look down while exploring in the woods.

A bright red beauty caught my eye first, then I discovered many more that weren't there the day before:



The caps on these were bigger than my foot - I wear a size 10:


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