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Photography Club

Hundreds of pictures being captured in moments where words don't seem to suffice. Language seems to get in the way more often than not, now more than ever.

Observe and click. Rinse and repeat. Converse from the heart with the wild things and the trees. Some things are better left unsaid, but pictures speak 1,000 silent words.

Grateful for the camera and the space, time, and inclination to look up, look down, and look all around - delightfully in awe of moments that feel like they demand to be captured. Luckily, the wow moments balance out and often overshadow the wtf moments.

It's an imperfect blend of uncertainty, focus, translation, perception, beauty, inexplicable truth, a flash of light in the ongoing darkness, and a way to share what was heartfelt at the moment of the click of a button. Fascinations never-ending, for sure.

Flutter-bys - a great reminder of just when you think life is over, ta-da!


Spiders - a great lesson in remaining mindful of where we choose to hang around and weave our webs - also a reminder that everything that touches our webs can either nurture us or wreck us:


A whole helluva lot of stratospheric aerosol injections/solar radiation management happenings in the 'hood as of late - yuck:



This lil' winged visitor was just chillin' on the truck antenna:


Shiitake #2 from our log by the stream:


At first, I thought perhaps the slugs had united and was giving birth (perhaps to an alien) as I saw the "thing(s)" hanging down underneath them, all squirmy and changing shapes and such. They were suspended from a string of slime. But later research indicates I observed and photographed their mating ritual on a rather intimate level. It took me 53 years to learn this. I could have waited another 53, but whoomp, there it is:



Rescued this little ring-necked baby snake from some web stuff it got tangled up in as it explored the screened in porch - I think we're both much happier that it's now free of the web and back outdoors:

Such beautiful scenery up yonder! Both sunsets and the sun-stay. 🙂

The love dove crew cleaning up the bird seed buffet fallout today:


A lady bug swooped right in front of my face and landed on a black walnut limb and took off climbing...


A shot of the mountain stream with a leaf submerged underwater - lots of interesting, to me, "faces" in this shot, or am I the only one who sees them? lol...


A cicada that I found during my walk who had already passed away - may its beauty and song still live on...


Perhaps a type of squash bug? - eyeballing the cucumber and beet plants not too far away from it - and feels like it might be eyeballin' me, too...lol...looks like eyes on the back of its wings, sort of....

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