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Photography Club

It's been quite stormy in our 'hood the last few days. Grateful for the rain, but could do with much less weather drama. Listening to the thunder rumbling again as I type this.

Got some shots of the sky before the tornadic winds blew through way too close for comfort. Mixing tornadic thoughts with tornadic winds makes for one helluva nerve plucking day. Grateful beyond measure:



After the storm was over, I took a walk to see if there were any trees down on our property and to see how high the stream was. Saw this little head poking up as I exited the woods. With it being so dark out, I had to use the flash and this was the result:


The in-between storms sky - not too long after I took this shot, the lightning began again, the thunder shook the ground, and more torrential rain poured down:

I always fondly remember @shatter eyes mentioning the story about his grandma and what she thought of moths visiting each time I see one. I usually focus on the wings that appear to be like eyes on this particular kind, but not today. Here's looking at you, moth visitor. Thanks for dropping by....


Another happy customer at the fallen apples buffet...


Not very clear, but it clearly seems to be boys night out...


This evening's garden/yarden bounty afforded us 1 watermelon, 11 cantaloupes, over a dozen carrots, several big handfuls of thinned out beet greens with itty bitty beets attached, and underneath them rests 3 or 4 yellow squash and a big zucchini. It still leaves me in awe that a palm full of tiny seeds can produce such healthful abundance in such a small space. So incredibly grateful...

Brought this new-to-me baby home today. I dearly love having that percussive sound/activity back in my life. Really diggin' the stand that allows me to stand up and play, too. Bonus!

Such a fun way to release stress and feel like a rock star. 😄 Or it can be used to mimic a heartbeat for meditative moments. Whatever feels right in the moment. The wild things outdoors have been used to my Native American flute. I'm gonna rock their world, too. lol

Glad I took this pic today. Seeing all that grass on the floor reminds me I need to finish yard work and sweep up the trails of it I left behind in my hustles through the house. Will use drumming time as my carrot on the end of that proverbial task stick tomorrow. ❤

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