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Photography Club

Awwww....thanks for the mantis stories, @ladee and @blackemerald1 . They're yet another creature that really fascinates me.

My little slice of tramp-o-drum "heaven" that keeps me moving, keeps my lymph flowing, helps keep me grounded, and once in a while makes me feel like a rock star -lol- along with a sweat box, some of my hula hoops, and the inflatable ball - makes for a fun time.

Easy enough to take outdoors on pretty days and nice to have readily accessible indoors for when the notion strikes. Making it part of the decor is the trick to ensure they get used rather than out of sight, out of mind...


Our most recent batch of homemade zesty salsa - talk about some amazing aromatherapy happenin' - and being an official taste tester is a good gig to have...

Scenes from my pre-rain walk today:

These sweet Italian peppers rock my taste buds' world:


A sort of heart shaped mushroom growing next to the rock memorial I built for mom when she passed. This wasn't there yesterday when I visited to tell her about the closing finally happening. Thanks for the "sign" that you heard me and approved, mom:


I love me some forest ferns - so pretty:


The autumn (Russian) olives that taste so good and each one, in appearance - to me, looks like it contains a whole galaxy:


Grateful for the webs I see from afar and don't blindly get tangled up in - whew:

Berry nice it’s berry season. Since the fruit is not that great when you buy it, I decided with a google search to wash it all and sugar coat it . This is called mastication which I didn’t know that word, and it creates compote, complete with the berries oozing sugar juice. That’s SO much better than leaving them in the packages they come in because even with washing them a lot, they go by fast. I’m juicing or blending them mostly, and pancakes!
Last night's full moon fire pit/release/let shit go time...all the things I wish to release were written down on paper and offered to the fire...and so it is/was...


It was a damp and cloudy night, so much so it took the fire a good while to finally get going, but it was oh so lovely...if only the pictures could show it exactly as I remember seeing it...oh well...close enough...

@Tornadic Thoughts

The river pic reminded me of the Jim Brandenburg photo ‘Autumn Passing’ ... thought you might like it. I used to have a print of it on my wall. One of those frozen moments in time, showing movement in time, past in the future things I dig so hard. (Snort. Apparently. Since I have PTSD.) Hadn’t thought about that photo in years (most of my things were lost in 2011/2012). So, thankyou for the memory.
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