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Photography Club

That's a breathtaking view, @Teasel . If only the walls/arch could talk. 😊

This lovely Northern Flicker wood pecker (although I call it a ground pecker since I never see it in the trees pecking, only on the ground) was poking around in the yard today looking for lunch:




All of a sudden, the flicker flew up into the big oak tree and started making all kinds of noises, and I soon discovered why. The kitty that I haven't seen for many, many months, who sadly appears to have had some serious fights since then based on the state of that one eye and ear 🙁, was in the 'hood also looking for lunch - it hurts my heart to see that it got hurt 💔 - while also painfully reminding me of resilience and survival - a double-edged sword, for sure:


Spent more time than usual in nature today after adding some extra tramp-o-drum and hula hoop time to my morning.

Trying to clear my head and soothe my heart while attempting to get grounded again. Repeating over and over in my head the Ben Harper lyric, "...the world isn't mine...the world isn't mine to save...", but I can still find some joy in the beauty of my own back yard - so f'n grateful for that - a bittersweet feeling, currently:




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