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Elm Hill, Norwich. Variously credited as Medieval or Tudor, the white building The Briton's Arms was built in 1420, most of the rest of the street was built in 1507 following a fire.

The cobbles are so rounded it's really difficult to walk on!



@ladee This page answers the question about doors being small prerty well, though it's asking about Germany I think it's true for here too.

So, keeping the warm in, people being shorter, being easier to defend, the building being stronger, the land level rising since building first built, so inside is a step down. This sort of thing.

I have a collection of photos of my Dad in front of short doors which I very much enjoyed adding to each time we came across another one.

If you mean about the shutters on the ground level windows then I don't know.

The buildings in this street were mostly merchants houses, with quays on the river to the rear.

This particular building is called the stranger's club :)