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Still Standing

The cottonwood trees have finally changed into their Fall colors. This is the beachside of Echo Reservoir in Utah. This is where we were recently fishing and catching large lake trout off the shore line. It is peaceful place to be. Yesterday, we watched a pair of eagles catch fish from the reservoir. At one point, one of the eagles actually landed on the water like a duck landing. I was horrified. I thought for sure that the eagle had gotten too close and was caught in the water. He sat there for about a minute. I thought for sure he was going to sink! But, he began to flap his big wings and he lifted off the top of the water and flew away. It was an amazing thing to see. Being curious, I researched the behavior of eagles and found that they do occasionally land on water and as long as they don't get their wings wet, they are able to fly off. Having watched eagles fly in the wild, off and on, for most of my life, I had never seen this happen nor knew of their ability to land onto and fly from water. Amazing!

Still Standing

Here is another photo. This is of the gourd I just finished carving and staining. It coupled so well with the sunflowers that I just had to take this picture. Carving gourds has been my emotional therapy, this summer. There is something that is so satisfying feeling the gourd's tough outer shell give way to the Dremel's bits. I get lost in carving the design as I listen to audio books. I'm totally lost in a world other than my own.
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