Photography Club

Still Standing

Yesterday's walk in the local park with the pooch, provided me a photo opportunity of beautiful red and orange berry clusters amongst the leaves of a tree. I have no idea what kind of tree this was, but in the shadows the berries looked deep red. In the the sunlight, they were orange. The photos look like they are not from the the same tree, but they are.




Week or 2 ago at my favourite park. The ponds have been overwhelmed by this green stuff. Don't know what it is. Anyone I've asked has said Duck weed but I'm not sure.

Also, there were more birds there then I've ever seen at one time there in a decade or more. Hungry they were. Good job we had a bucket of swan n duck food.

The green stuff looks like cyanobacteria. Many times called blue green algae. it comes from an excess of nutrients in the water and not enough water movement. It can be really toxic to certain animals like dogs.