Prayer Requests


Thank you everyone for the prayers. As a lot of Catholic Christians know yesterday was All Saints Day, a day when we celebrate the Saints who ascended to heaven.

Today tho is a bit different, today we pray for all loved ones and relatives who have passed over. I like to keep the day simple, by lighting a candle beside the photos of my loved ones and praying for their souls.

It is a day to make contact with the other side (if you will) and reach out with our hearts and minds to those who seem to have left us here. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this day if we enter it with a loving and prayerful heart. So, light a candle and remember your loved ones/ancestors today!

*(I have my mom's and sister's urns and a photo of them beside each one...and I will light candles, remember them, and talk to them as if they have never left because in reality they never have).