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DID Question for DID people - Do your parts have… ?

It’s a different form of dissociation.

You seem to be hellbent on the idea that you might have DID. Even for people who did experience chronic physical and/or sexual abuse in the first 8 years of their life, DID is extremely rare.
I'm pretty obsessed with mental health. I wasn't the one who was abused, I grew up in a conflicting environment between my parents.
That's the end goal, but trauma processing usually makes anyone go a heck of a lot worse before any chance of better, that's the nature of the beast. Any T who knows what they are doing will spend a hell of alot if time working on stabilisation and grounding first, before going anywhere near trauma content. Don't trust anyone who claims to 'cure' trauma in an afternoon... It's a long process and slowly is the only way without it all completely overwhelming your brain.
My trauma doesn't seem to affect me much personally, so there are no flashbacks, but I'm constantly on guard, and processing it seems like it will make it better rather than worse?
Can you recover from DID and systems ? Can you be a whole person?