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Questions about River Oaks...


New Here
I'm supposed to start River Oaks soon but I am freaking out. The idea of being locked in a unit and having all my rights taken away is pretty terrifying, esp considering the last time I was in a locked unit I was sexually assaulted by one of the counselors. I also have a lot of physical pain and am worried about the beds making it worse. I'd feel better if I had some more information.. I've been asking admissions a lot of questions but I think they're tired of answering my questions.
Are the beds uncomfortable?
How quickly can I be released if I request to leave?
Do 4 people really share 1 bathroom?
What are the showers like?
What is the food like? Are they good with people with food allergies and vegetarians?
I've heard there's a lot of homework and not much downtime, is it exhausting?
The beds in all these places are uncomfortable because they are institutional beds. Ask ahead of time if you can bring an egg crate or if they give you one upon request.

Idk what state it’s in, but usually they have to let you out within 72 hours UNLESS you are at risk to yourself or others and then they can go before a judge and make your voluntary stay involuntary and honestly it’s a crap shoot after that as to when you can get out.