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Tornadic Thoughts

“Be wary of any influence in your environment that dismisses or judges your enthusiasm. Without it, you would become anesthetized to life itself. Anyone who demands this smallness of you is in danger themselves and may have contracted this insidious, deadening monotone. Enthusiasm is the vitality of spirit, expressing itself through us, and its grace in our voice should be welcomed and cherished...." ~Toko-pa Turner


In the real world there are corporations, be they pharmaceutical, agricultural, petroleum, or chemical companies, that have billions of dollars at stake in the work of scientists. If one has billions of dollars, he can use the dark arts of persuasion to hire public relations firms to tout your projects, sow seeds of doubt about those who question your products, buy advertising on news networks, so they don't publicize negative stories unless they have no other choice, and donate to politicians of all ideologies. Then, once those politicians have been elected, they can write laws for the benefit of their generous donors. As it was put so eloquently in the seventeenth century by a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth's court. "If it prospers, none dare call it treason."

Dr Judy Mikovits