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Quote Of The Day

"The real illusion of social media—the real misconception—is that because of our pervasive vanity and our untamable desire for recognition, the ego has somehow occluded the light of consciousness from the stream, and now prevents it from shining forth. The light of consciousness cannot be occluded. (added the complete quote in edit) Even when narcissism takes the stage, it exposes the depth of our longing for connection, and a brilliant light shines out from the screen. " ~ From an old article: The Illusion of Social Media.
"You use breath to talk..
You use breath for body language..
Breath controls the nervous system which controls body language...
You use breath for sex, activities, work etc..
Breath is how life communicates with itself." ~Tao Lore
“Looking at things is never time wasted. If your children want to stand and stare, let them. When I was marvelling at the beauty of a painting or enjoying a great view it did not occur to me that the experience, however intense, would be of value many years later. But there it has remained, tucked away in hidden bits of my mind and now it comes, shouldering aside even the most passionate love affairs.”
― Diana Athill
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