Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

Mercury In Retrograde by Paula Froelich. Wonderful escapism from a stressful world. I love the three main characters and how through losses in each of their lives brings them to become friends. And they have those wonderful, crazy adventures only good friends can have running around a major city like New York city.
Listening on Audible to The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. It’s on a list of greatest novels. Edith is quite the writer! She was raised with all the wealth and education and her mom only allowed her to read classics, no modern novels until she got married. She didn’t publish novels until in her 40s because she didn’t see herself as capable based on one criticism her mom gave her when she was a young woman.

There are a lot of similarities to the last book I listened to, Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen. Early 20th century, focus is on the beautiful yet underprivileged woman seeking love/marriage among the high class elites. I get the sense that marriage was an incredibly important endeavor for women back then. And beauty played a critical role, if these novels give an accurate account.

It’s interesting to me how the basic idea is a romance yet so much social commentary and psychological drama can be woven in that it elevates the genre. I noticed that it’s common in these novels for the writer to make outright proclamations about human nature. I’m a slow reader and I like the old novels so I’m unsure whether that’s still fashionable in modern novels.

Here’s a quote from Edith’s book that gives a taste of her writing and is an example of a proclamation, “To a torn heart uncomforted by human nearness a room may open almost human arms, and the being to whom no four walls mean more than any others is at such hours expatriate everywhere.”
The body keeps the score listing to that on audio.
Remarried Empress which is a web novel
The Science of Evil ( on empathy and the orgins of cruelty) by Simon Baron- Cohen
This one I read already but right now can't decide on which new book to read.