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Research Share your story for art advocacy project against rape myths?

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The reasons for rape/sexual assault can be different for men and women, but they don't have to always be so.
No. But they often are. So ideally, to me, this art project could be shown beside one targeted to men. Which would show both the similarities AND the differences (which do exist. Whether they should or shouldn't).
I think it's separate. So even in medical texts women n men are separated.

No dude has ever been blamed for rape due to his short skirt n tits hanging out.

Agreed on the point you making as a whole, but this bit, I'm just *gotta* correct.

Intersex, trans, gender-non conforming cis, various hormonal & physiological variant cis guys (who yes have larger tits) et all...

All are cases of men.
Blamed for their rapes.
On the same grounds cis women often get.

Edited; Jumbling my concepts. :facepalm: Meant physiological var, not anatomical.
Women and rape myths- women are safe and don’t commit rape.

( I’m a woman but also feel quite heated about this gender division - I feel it perpetuates the problem with these myths by keeping a gender war element involved and having many of the people we report to seeing us as a ‘gendered enemy’.
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