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I hope your son does awesome as a nurse!! I always really love working with the male nurses; they balance things out a lot!!! They get a lot of respect and attention and in peds the boys love them! A lot of them like ER, Ortho, and the ICU, CCU units. Maybe it's the machines! Had a great day instructing and will tomorrow. The hospital I instruct at offered me a job today. Have to decide cuz it's a bit of a drive. They are great though!!
So great on the job offer!!! You sound very positive today Kailani, I'm so glad for you. I hope you remember to take a little rest when you can get it, be kind to yourself....My second boy started life as a girl, and also has a connective-tissue disorder. I worry about the stress that comes with nursing, and also for his pain levels and long hours.....So just pray that he gets a job that is gentle on his joints. Also hoping he finds a relationship or even a few good friends. We kind of live out in the sticks in a highly conservative community. But he commutes to a pretty liberal town. Just hoping the right one will bump into him somewhere!! Good luck as you decide on the job. Take care!
Have been moving and moving and may have re-injured my neck and back by lifting too heavy stuff. Not a good time to take a job. Hopefully it's just a flare up and the pain will go away!
Having a hard time getting health insurance cuz I got paid in cash at one of my jobs and now they want financial aid info. Barely surviving and eating and they won't give me health insurance? I'm Native American. What kind of country is this?!!! They support everyone and their brother from other countries and people in my family have died for this country and I've worked for them and they can't help me with fricken health insurance til I am able to work?! Unbelievable!!!!! It's like they want a total disaster instead of stopping one. Denial and see it too many times with handicapped; their processes/ forms and support for service attainment sucks time and time again. The system has got to change! Sorry ranting ranting ranting!
Your rant is understandable, Kailani. I hope today is better! Is there anyone to turn to for a little bit of help at least for food? Please let me know. Are there any food banks around, where people donate stuff?(I am having a hard time thinking of what they are called--getting old) I know it is hard to go to something like that, but if you need to please go! That is what they are there for! I am worried thinking about you being hungry on top of everything else. You work hard for everything you do. Please let me know how you are!!! Sending prayers and hope, xoxoxoAarow
Okay a bit concerned. Thought about something when I moved in 4 months ago and found out I friend requested someone on Facebook about the subject but I have no memory of sending a request and I don't think it was a mistake because it was the exact area I said I'd contact someone. Mmmmmmm any ideas?
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