Small things, great victories. What’s yours?


So, as we all know, even the smallest tasks can be insurmountable challenges at times. And those days? We get to be heroes just tackling a thing normies would consider minor.

Right now, I’m celebrating dragging myself to the gym. Or, the gym cafe to be precise. But I’m feeling hopeful I’ll make it to the actual gym in a minute.

It took three hrs of breathing exercises, thought stopping, grounding and fighting intrusive thoughts & SH impulses. Plus gigantic amounts of mental energy to be able to focus on packing all the necessary gear.

But here I am.

What’s your small task - great victory of the day?
Hi Freemartin,

Today I am planning to do the same thing. I just did a testrun by getting my membercard. Due to Covid I need to reserve my gymtime and I chose between 9.00 and 22.30 pm, because there's less people working out. We'll see how it goes, because I am goin no matter what. :)

This will be my small task - great victory of today! :)

Thanks for your thread, gives me courage.


After suffering from diarrhea and collapsing for 6 years, my sons forced me to go to ER. I have had the same health problems all my life. I was misdiagnosed because as soon as the doctor fund out about sexual abuse and terrible childhood, they wrote off my problems as depression.
I ended up being admitted for a week and they immediately gave me a blood transfusion and started doing tests. They found out that I have birth defect that causes me to bleed inside and lose blood through my colon. My hemoglobin has always been extremely low.
I feel like I have a new beginning in life and have been very upbeat and feeling stronger every day with iron transfusions. I was unable to go out for years and too weak to get out of bed and naturally I thought I was just being a wimp and lazy.