So lost and confused - struggling with these career issues for many years

Allie D.

For me, the work goal is to help, far enough away from the fire (and annoying people shit) that I can actually do something helpful which has always dialed back to nonprofit work in development or administration.
I'm sorry you were laid off. Have you checked out your school's Department of Career Services?, it doesn't matter how long you've been away (I suppose their resources might be stretched right now though.) I had a really good friend under similar circumstances, lived through hell and who struggled to find a place, she got a boost into college and she needed a boost of support after college, I believe she felt rather like an imposter. Career Services sounds like BS but it's not.
Many universities have small orgs attached to them. This is what I would do. It's tricky when you've been away for a while. It sounds frustrating.