Sometimes the amount of self care i require just drives me batty!

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I'm so glad for this thread. I call them my "me things"... the things I have to do for my world to be ordered enough for me to survive and sometimes even thrive. After many decades I have decided that I am worth having to do the "me things"'s not my fault that I require them, but I do require them, and that's ok. It's so good to hear that I'm not the only one!


Laughter beats tears any day.
Just as an aside, has anyone heard of spoon theory? The idea that everything we do takes energy, even the simplest things. I'd elaborate and say that people with y'know, more specific stuff, often have to add more into their routine. Like, it's not just enough to be dressed, it has to be a *specific* way. It's like having a toddler.

Personally, the spoons metaphor is a bit of an ill fit for me, but the concept is a revolution. I tend to use a phone battery as a way of explaining


Yes, I love the spoon concept. I tell everyone about it so they can understand.

It’s not perfect, but it does a good job at explaining the basics of how we have a limited energy supply.

I’ve done a bit of online research. It seems that many complain that the theory is incomplete. I see their point, in that it doesn’t take into account that each day we have a different number of spoons.

Still, a good basic theory that can explain our struggles to those who don’t quite understand.
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