strange things happening all the time, possible spiritual attack?


People responding with 'I don't believe that's psychic', are not being disrespectful.

The contrary - they can be very very realistic, respectful, and well meaning people.

While those quick to agree your issues are psychic or otherwise affirming spinning you out beliefs, may veery well be not legit or deceptive or harmful folk, themselves.

Keep that in mind before you see others as not on your side.

* * *

Edited to add: I would check out local site's articles and sections on negative core beliefs and thinking distortions in the very minimum...

Because even the examples of "nothing is normal" and "I feel watched 24/7" are examples of these, where the thinking is unrealistic.

Even when physically captive for months, there are normal times. True, skewed by captivity. But normal. Where one can look at walls, or their body, or the floor / dirt / wherever they are, or, or, or. Utterly boring, normal, calmer, times.

Ditto watched 24/7.
Even where one IS watched that much - it doesn't mean the person in question has nothing to themselves. As the eventual perps are NOT in your head.

Even badly brainwashed people?
Reading your thoughts just *isn't* physically possible.

If one is dissociative and reports on own thoughts without the recollection afterwards? That's a different question.
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yes ive talked to a regular doctor too, got sick of them giving up because all the test came back normal. if the test come back normal but there are still very abnormal symptoms than i would think they should dig deeper because obviously something isnt right if there is symptoms going on. thanks for not being disrespectful like the other ones who responded.

A lot of people here just have a lot going on and can come across as gruff. Most don’t mean to, some are just grumpy. But, back to the docs. Were you given any sort of answers whatsoever or plans of action (medication/changes in routine)? If not medical, I would then go to a psych doc which sounds like you have- what was their response beyond I don’t know? After that, do you have a regular spiritual practice that can be improved upon? I don’t quite buy into the belief of spiritual attacks in the sense that some spirit is haunting you for fun. However, I think there can be a lot of benefit from researching a lot of pagan and occult (NOT cult) rituals and such. 99.9% of them is just focusing on nature, healing yourself, positive thinking, and self care. None of that is bad to implement.


yeah ive been diagnosed with ptsd , theres a lot lot more has happened that i havent wrote about on here
Okay... so looked at from a PTSD perspective? Yep. Just needing to sleep the clock around the circle in response to stress is a totally normal thing.

Have you checked out The ptsd cup explanation ? It conceptualizes the stress response when one is dealing with PTSD/CPTSD, and how that often manifests in one’s life.

It can be a little freaky when you’re used to one baseline symptom set, and suddenly new symptoms/expressions/or coping mechanisms start appearing. But that’s also, come to find, something of the nature of the beast. The UPSIDE of that coin is that symptoms aren’t static with PTSD/CPTSD, but can be managed down to zero -or darn close to- for most people. But the downside? IS that symptoms can also ramp back up, or change, depending on circumstance.

So if sleeping off your stress levels is a new thing, for you? It doesn’t mean you’re going off the rails. It’s “just” something new to learn to work with/around/account for.

It may also be a one-off, rather than a new pattern in your life. Perfect storm situation where that was what your body felt called for... that simply doesn’t exist normally in your life, nor will there be a repeat performance, or at least not an oft-repeated performance.

But whether a new thing in your life or a one off? It’s a good tell to look at what’s going on IN your life, and give your overall stress-management tools a good once over / see if anything has changed or dropped off in recent weeks/months.
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People responding with 'I don't believe that's psychic', are not being disrespectful.

The contrary - they can be very very realistic, respectful, and well meaning people.

While those quick to agree your issues are psychic or otherwise affirming spinning you out beliefs, may veery well be not legit or deceptive or harmful folk, themselves.

Keep that in mind before you see others as not on your side.
If you're referring to me @Ronin and accusing me of being "harmful" because let's face it, who else are you alluding to?

You better be able to back up your accusation. Where have I said a "harmful" thing?

You are being divisive and not at all tolerant of diverse beliefs, which doesn't add up to other things you claim to be "for".

Vague, disrespectful, fear-inducing, attitudes towards other's answers shows you have no respect for the OP and their ability to discern things for themselves.

It makes you look manipulative and like you think you have the ontological and moral superiority to call what's what for someone else.

Let them decide what's helpful, validating and respectful, they are your equal, not your intellectual inferior. They can decide for themselves what's helpful and how they feel about the advice or feedback they have received.


Mums can you *please*., not personalize and take offense.

All I both said and meant is telling the poster to not assume all disbelief is denial of their experiences. Nor that all belief is well meant.

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Of a comment about any concrete poster's words. Generic. Advice.

If I meant someone concrete?
I still remember how to tag and quote rather clearly.

If I disagree with someone concretely? I'm blunt about it, not passive-aggressive.

To the point of bluntness earning me warnings.

So for that.


anyone experience or hear of something similiar? any idea whats going on?
I've experienced everything you're describing, and me personally? I'm content with the medical explanations for all of it. They are straightforward and make sense to me.

But those medical explanations don't make sense to you - - and that's OK.

I don't think the question is whether or not it's possible to be under psychic attack because clearly, you believe that it is. So the question is: how do you want to address it?

What we believe in can absolutely have a direct impact on our physical functioning. If you believe you're under some kind of psychic attack, then the way to address it would be by fortifying your psyche, spiritually. Seek out other care providers. Find other ways of addressing your symptoms. See if those things help you.

You've mentioned in other posts that you sometimes think you might be schizophrenic...
yes i have an appointment in a few weeks from now and not sure if im hallucinating, or if im being harrassed by spirits, or if im skitzo, or whats going on.... my guess is probably a little bit of each thing.... actually a lot of each thing. its been going on constantly all day today. i keep hearing faint whispers but i can never understand what its saying, when i try to drown it out with other noises it seems to become even more noticeable. things keep turning on and off by themselves. im on antidepressants, i dont think im depressed anymore, i just have all this psychotic stuff going on. i was diagnosed with ptsd but that was a while ago before all this other stuff started happening. i have a lot of skitzophrenic symtoms....
...and that you were soon going to see a psychiatrist. Has that happened? How did it go?

ETA: about the PTSD stuff...
i am a stalking victim, was stalked and terrorized for months, been physically abused, attacked, sexually assaulted, the list goes on.
Can you tell us more about this?
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I'm also wondering, OP...

Could it be helpful to you to try rule out all medical reasons and adjustments in lifestyle needed, before addressing the spiritual side of it?

In my experience, even assuming the phenomenon *is* spiritual in nature - it greeatly helps to take care of all the other causes.

Spirits aren't as boogies as say, dehydration, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, pain syndromes, profound isolation / self isolation, addictions, trauma re-living and re-enactments, and on and on.

Taken care of, and own mind more at peace? The woo-woo lair can wreck less havoc. Easier sorted by going to holy sites of your choice, prayers, any spiritual affirmations / practice, appeal to higher power of your choice, and on.

But with all the other very pressing factors in play? Of course sorting the spirits is hard. Just as there's soo much going on... that is not about them at all.


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Yes, I think it can and does happen, but the remedy is the same. It's about getting stable, fixing the parts that allow negativity to keep poisoning your wellbeing.

If you are a spiritually aware and sensitive person, have you tried prayer and invoking loving, positive, protective energies?

When I went through psychosis, I was very aware of the "war for my soul", an epic battle between good, real, loving and honest forces and dishonest, destructive, fear-filling negative energies.

I prayed to know what was real and true, because I recognized that I didn't know, I had no clue.

Slowly, but surely, my prayers have been answered. I know this because of the evidence, the outcome, which has brought me a loving, supportive, loyal partner, the trust of my children, ongoing feelings of love, kindness, care, a fierce regard for evidence-based truisms, deepening faith and trust in what I cannot see but feels very benevolent, clarifying, just and powerful and a decline in irrational fears, egoic relationship-destroying impulses, lack of discernment, confusion, depression and hopelessness and bad and hurtful situations.

So, my suggestion is, if you believe in hurtful interdimentional energies, why not appeal to loving, caring ones?

It worked for me.

You will know the difference by how you feel. Loving ones bring peace and personal empowerment, courage and an ability to discern when you are being lied to, disrespected and manipulated.

I hope and pray for your protection, empowerment and clarity.
I really like the way you have answered this question. Without having to debate about what is and isn't true. If we are afraid of bad forces we can appeal to good forces. I have cptsd and used to have night terrors, I prayed to Jesus and imagined his light coming through the top of my head. It worked for me. I personally have come to believe in a benevolent presence available.



I'm a person of faith & believe in the influences of good & evil. And i agree that getting on top of your symptoms will help to sort out what is what.

Night terrors have effected me throughout the day, regardless of whether i had any real memory of them or not.

And i remeber the first time i sought out help from a psychologist, i got my then partner to come & repeatedly assure me that he would not let them take me away matter what. I seriously thought that if they had any idea of what was going on inside my head, that they would take me off to the Looney Bin in a heartbeat.

Another possibilty could be somatic/body memories, given the Dr's can't find anything & results come back normal. Is it possible that what you are experiencing could be mimicking or mirroring some aspect of what you experienced during your trauma. I recall it being explained to me that sometimes the body remembers what the mind either can't or is unwilling to remember by itself. The good news about this is that, regardless of how it may feel at the time, it tends to occur when the 'issue' is ready to be dealt with. Like most of the symptoms really. Doesn't necessarily make it any easier though.

Just a suggestion.


can excessive sleeping be caused by chronic stress?

100%! I will work (from home currently for a call center so all I'm doing is sitting and talking all day) for 5 days, I can stay awake only long enough to run my service dog, and have doctor appointments, most are by phone call. So nothing really physically going on. My body shuts down on my first day off and I will sleep for almost 2 days straight. And lately I have been struggling to stay awake long enough to talk to my therapist over the phone. His call usually wakes me up and I'm so tired that I make zero sense. And going to the grocery story monthy is getting super hard as well. Which is a 4th less often then I usually go get food. Driving to my pain doctor even harder. And I'm falling asleep after work everyday. And I do not have any sleeping disorders. Its pure stress. When my body is that overwhelmed, it shuts down completely. Has been a pattern over many years now. Low stress no shut down. High stress overwhelming shut down. All medical factors ruled out and "caused by stress" is on my medical records.

Emotions being turned off is going numb. Also happens a lot when overwhelmed.

Obviously you wanna make sure there is no medical issues going on like chronic fatigue syndrome or something but stress can most certainly cause this. Among a lot of weird things. Like a seizure. Stress caused a PNES which is a seizure that did not have any brain involvement. And right now? Stress is at an all time high. Which is why I'm struggling to function on the most basic level right now.


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im sick of going to the doctors because they hardly ever have any answers for me. strange things always happen to me, basically every single day.
yesterday i slept for over 24 hours straight. i didnt take any sleeping pills or anything like that. i hadn't been awake longer than usual either. this has happened a few times recently. when i woke up my whole body ached pretty bad as if i had been beaten the day before or something, and i was also exhausted. and yes i know that oversleeping can make you even more tired, but what are you suppose to do if the loudest alarm doesnt even wake you up? i know i dreampt something but i cant remember the details. usually every dream i have is a nightmare. i know it was about being in a dirty house, and something scary but i dont remember specifics, i cant remember anything else about the dream. when i woke up my emotions were shut-off for the first few hours. i dont know what i was feeling or if i was feeling anything at all. lately its been hard to explain my emotions. can excessive sleeping be caused by chronic stress? anyone experience or hear of something similiar? any idea whats going on? i am wondering if i am under some type of psychic attack, does anyone here have knowledge about psychic attacks and how to help them?

I'm not sure if we can post the names of modalities that have helped us? I use Spiritual Response Therapy; it addresses the various spiritual impingements of the healing process. Psychic attack, according to SRT, can only affect us if we give it power. That being said; we as multidimensional beings can have an existence on another plane where a form of abuse is being perpetuated on us. SRT addresses that. Apologies if i have crossed a boundary here. But it has helped me immensely.
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