strange things happening all the time, possible spiritual attack?


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I actually firmly belief in spiritual attacks. At one point I smudged the four corners of my property and asked for divine intervention on the matter, repeatedly for many months. It sounds crazy to a lot of people but it has been proven that the emotions of other people affect us. If they intentionally direct hate or anger at us, I believe that it can cause a certain level of harm just as sitting in an office with a chronically angry person is known to cause harm to those nearby.

I don't think this has happened to me in a long time but when I believe that it did, I would feel overly emotional and very tired. The first person who ever talked to me about it said that my best defense was to stop pissing people off ?. This was good advice. Having moved out of the area where I seemed to have caused so much hostility, I am not having the issues anymore - no more crying spells, no more depression, even.

Certainly not every symptom can be blamed on this and it could surely be dangerous to assume so and whether this is what happened to me or you is really anyone's guess. But I don't think we give our fellow man enough credit when it comes to the myriad of ways he might affect us and I never wore any tinfoil hats to ward these things off - you don't have to do anything that isn't healthy and helpful in general to try and help yourself in a situation like this.

When I was dealing with this, I tried very hard to get grounded and meditated on closing myself off from the shit that seemed to be after me. I also made a habit to sleep in flax linen and even got linen sheets because linen has a high vibrational frequency that is said to be healing and there is lore that maintains linen as basically a psychic barrier against evil. I also listened to a lot of healing frequency music at night. These things helped a lot but I didn't feel a huge change until I left town (which was good for my mental health, anyway).

What you don't want to do about possible spiritual attack is suddenly live in constant fear or start getting crazy with evil vs. good fire ritual rituals and whatnot - that can get you put in the hospital with new problems. There is just energy out there: stuff that will suck you dry and stuff that will fill you up. It sounds like you need to be filled back up and maybe shielded from some of the negative too, from my perspective.

Even if it's all bullshit, ain't nothin' wrong with meditation or linen.

Good luck to you.


My brother is a doctor, i asked him about this and showed him the thread, and he said that stress, Nightmares about abusive childhood, or u just dont get enough sleep, alcohol, too lazy to get off the bed and u just fall asleep again (dead serious, tho i thought he was joking but he said its too common for that to happen) or u are injured somewhere and your body is trying to mend the tissue in your sleep.