Stressor vs. Trigger - What Is A Trigger?


One recurring pattern that I have is that when someone tells me something negative about myself (or when I perceive it that way) or sometimes when a bad thing like getting a parking ticket for instance happens, I can get very upset and angry. I can say mean things and then try to escape the situation. It’s an affliction that has tarnished relationships. More often than not the criticism is another person expressing a need, but I just flip out.

So in this instance what is the stressor and what is the trigger directly related to the bullying (fear of being ridiculed, abused, etc.) It’s really made me afraid in life that I’m going to ruin good things if I find myself not able to control my reaction which is commonly yelling and either quitting at task, threatening to end a friendship or relationship.
Most of that sounds like stressors into an already full cup, even though bullying is trauma. Someone telling you something negative about yourself is not bullying, especially if accurate. Your perceptions are just that, your perceptions. Emotional response (stressor). A parking ticket is not traumatic, is a stressor, because you didn't realise parking rules, now you have a financial punishment for your lack of focus when parking.