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Such a Small Thing


I have a notebook full of stuff I need to do (really). My niece came over in June I think, and we painted the bathroom. I noticed several spots that got missed and I still haven't added the hardware to the vanity. But...today I painted a couple of strips in one color. It's such a small thing, and I still have a ton to do, but it's taken nearly 4 months to do just that.
My guy is in the process of putting a new kitchen sink in as we speak. We have had everything to complete it for a couple of months. The new one has been sitting on the kitchen floor since we brought it home. He's done a dozen different projects for other people through the weeks and finally getting around to The Sink.

It's been a thorn in his side. Complaining daily about it. I haven't mentioned it, obviously. But today is the day. He's grumbling in there but not as bad as I thought it would be. His brother is with him so he's probably trying to keep his cool. 😎

Well done. Both of you!
i bet it didn't take you four months to actually paint those little strips. i get discouraged when i count procrastination into my project log. counting procrastination as a separate activity, altogether. helps me see more clearly that not only is procrastination counter-productive, it's generally not much fun, especially when i start guilt-tripping myself over it.

equally, i find that taking the time to celebrate the small accomplishments makes the bigger accomplishments all the more gratifying.

well done. may tomorrow find you with four more shiny new strips.