We need to create 1 unified language for our diaries


Let me know if you want me to delete it.
It's ok to leave it. I also appreciate you noticing the gossip and stopping from taking it further.
Either way I hope she’s ok.
Me too. I agree with your observations; hence, it's a temp ban, not a permanent one. Everyone's at a different point in their own journey. I think we've all been to places mentally that we can look back on and wonder at, sometimes not even recognize ourselves in our own behaviors.

Not unusual around here, anyway.


Thank you joeylittle. This is an irritating and frustrating thread. Regardless, as you said, we have treated widow_of_one with nothing but respect, even though we don't agree with anything they've said. It looks like they are unable to comprehend even basic reasoning and discussion. It will be interesting to see how they react in 30 days. I suspect nothing will change.
Thank you @joeylittle .....