We need to create 1 unified language for our diaries


Aw! We need to unite to help researchers help us and help the next generation.
I don't know that there's a true "need" to change how I write my own experiences. I'm a writer by trade.....and that alone....my words, expressions, idioms ......will NEVER be changed for anyone else including science. I spent a life time monitoring my verbal expressions out of my mouth.....I wouldn't come here if I had to learn a new way to write, and frankly, I want to reflect who I am.....by how I choose to communicate.....writing is as personal to me as creating art, music, or photographic images is to another...... when we create from our soul, there should be no rules to interfere with such a personally significant internal process.


Do you mean in our diaries HERE?

Aren’t our posts copy written? Or am I thinking of another site? So….this makes it such that researchers can’t take anything posted here. (Or did the rules change? I can’t keep up.)

We all know nothing is truly private/safe online, but at the same time, most of us probably wouldn’t have a diary if it was subjected to scrutiny by researchers.

Plus there’s no way of verifying anything here, not a diagnosis, nothing. So, it would be the most worthless research endeavor ever as no valid conclusions could be drawn.


(Or did the rules change? I can’t keep up.)
They did - the site now leaves the ownership of posts to the members - but by posting it, you're granting the site a license to display that post on the forum. All this means is, if someone came along and copied a member's post into their blog (or whatnot), it's up to that member to issue the request for it to be taken down (if. they want). - we don't make that decision on the member's behalf.

Plus there’s no way of verifying anything here, not a diagnosis, nothing.
^^^ This is the main thing, I'm glad you brought it up.