What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?


I want my mother and father, sister, and brother....I miss their voices, their faces, their smiles, their eyes, their laughter,..and I miss their hugs, etc. It is safe to say I feel sad, but I also have enough clarity to know that I am and have been, very blessed. Traumatized perhaps, but still, blessed. I feel grateful.

Tornadic Thoughts

That reminds me, @ladee . I saw a pair of waders for sale today and it made me giggle a little to myself, thinking that as deep as shit's been gettin' around these parts lately, it might not be a bad investment. lol (((Hugs)))

Feeling grateful, usually capable, and still interested in seeing what comes next each day - albeit sometimes begrudgingly.

Been diving into the deep dark corners of both my inner and outer world to rid of clutter and shit that's simply not mine to tend to, to make room for that which can lovingly and healthily sustain us in the now, and hopefully in the future.

Messiah xNZx

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Guess I didn't set too good of an example here, bc I added in some of what I think with what I feel. That wasn't my original goal here. Anyhow, well at least I focused chiefly on what I feel.

That's what this thread is about simply identifying chiefly what we feel on any given day. I suppose, attempts at too great of restrictions or perfection would be boring anyways.

Or, if we are not presently feeling, we could identify what we don't feel, but wished we did.
i’m new here but i think the idea behind this thread is wonderful, i am still to afraid to talk about my problems publically but yea i have had anxiety day in day out for the past six months due to things that happened to me when i was young and growing up triggered. i’m going to write down how i feel and use this threads idea ,take it to these councilling sessions each time and be prepared (still very cautious about potentially opening up and reliving certain things) but never the less better prepared and scared rather than scared. thank you good idea :)


I feel love for some very special people in my life many of who I don't mind saying are members of this site....and a few who aren't.

I also feel emotional, sad, heart-broken, a bit soul-weary and tired.....trying to distract myself from the pain I feel inside. Tho I know better than to try and ignore it... I still attempt to push it down after all of these years!!! Fortunately, I know it won't work and I will have to "release the Kraken" and let the dam break. But at least I now see it as a clearing process for things that are likely holding me back and hopefully they will direct me onto a healthier, happier path.

Besides my grief will not be denied just as my love would not be!!!


Your last line is some hard truth @Lionheart. Grieving is not easy. Nothing fun or interesting about it. It's not like other things we go thru that has an end to it with happy results. It's just love with nowhere to go. Take your time. We don't get any prizes for this one!

ms spock

Relieved to feel so much better than yesterday. So much better.

Comforted B is under medical care.
Love for B.
Vulnerable that B is sick.
Bored waiting for results.
Grateful that I twigged how sick B was before an ambulance was needed.


Your last line is some hard truth @Lionheart. Grieving is not easy. Nothing fun or interesting about it. Take your time. We don't get any prizes for this one!
Thank you for being here and for understanding @ladee, tho I wish neither of us had to know grief!!! There is still strong love...even if it has nowhere to go. In the end, at least for me, the love may be worth it all. I would hate to think that I wasted even one tear on anything less than true, unconditional love!!! Maybe this is just me trying to console myself...I don't know, ....still, your words could not be more true!!!
Gentle healing hugs from my heart to yours.