What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?


Feeling kinda lost. Not in a bad way. Just lost because life is starting to calm down and settling back into a normal state. Haven't had this in well over 2 years and it's just feels weird and foreign.


Resolute & pissed off ...by way of hurt, regret, sadness.

It’s my own damn fault. I involved people in my business I shouldn’t have involved, with predictable results.
that's exactly how I feel. What was I thinking to involve them in my life? It just caused more chaos. I got rid of them eventually but by then the damage was done.


I have one work day to get through to a vacation. Relieved.
I have 5 days to get through to a different environment. Patient. Fearful.
I have today to change. Resolved. Tired.
I have now to sever baggage. Resigned. Resolute. Contemplative.
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I feel shame for not being able to see an end to my psychological sufferings because of what my brothers, my sister, and my mother made me believe about being sad, hurt, in pain, etc. They should have never shamed me for being sad, for being in pain, for craving for someone to care for me, love me, guide me, and show me how to live my life.
I feel an end to this is seeming to be closer as I get clearer about shame being the cause of many of problems, which I couldn't understand up until now.