What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?


Today I feel elated.
I feel like a goddess
I feel amazing.
I feel ashamed
I feel worried
I feel like I should be questioning my motives
I feel like I should be questioning if what I am doing is avoidance.
I feel like maybe it is but maybe it isn't.
I feel like maybe just this once I should not care and just enjoy the ride and the energy of meeting another tortured soul,
who was also just hanging on by his fingernails.
I feel like maybe its ok to meet someone halfway as long as I am brutally honest
and return what they are giving me in abundance


To be honest, what I am feeling is.... an herbal high. 😂🤣 I don't know that I should be here under these conditions. ha ha ha but seriously I feel happy. I feel like I am moving toward my life mission. I feel loved, blessed, and protected. I am in tune with the universe.🤩 and I feel awesome. Simply amazing. I have Inner Peace. My nerves are calm. My thoughts have slowed down, and I feel Relaxed.....I am amazed.
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Feeling so much better and sometimes it takes feeling better to know how bad you felt. Great times with friends and family this weekend and it was so reassuring to see their responses to how much better I looked and moved. Busy planning the future things that don't include my funeral at this point. Kicking PTSD's ass and cancers ass!