What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

Kinda sad. Thoughts about being single for so long led me to that. And then a small other part is soo glad that we’re single and not dealing with relationship crap that would sap and drain us. Sad about something and not identifying it very well. Whenever I feel sad I feel a bossy jerk part inside saying, “Be grateful you whiny bitch.” (Unnecessary and rude!). Inner critic been rising up the last couple weeks. Like I’m not allowed to be sad or something. Or better have a good reason to feel sad. And it’s a waste of time anyway. And the sadness is unnecessary and linked to old narratives. I don’t know. Feeling a bit overwhelmed about teasing all that apart. Don’t want to. So then just left with the emotion. Whenever the inner critic tries to rescue with the bossy shit it ends up making the sad part even more sad— it only helps for a brief moment to distract then the sadness comes back like a wave. Yuck. Feelings. 😑 How about neutral? Maybe we could try to focus on that when feeling overwhelmed? 😐