What Are You Grateful For Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

Grateful for the trauma informed art therapist willing to be more of a talk therapist on the days I need that more. She has surpassed all the other talk therapists I've seen in my lifetime, combined, in regards to the comfort level, feeling innerstood, helping to gently pull out some harsh realizations that I kept tripping over, etc. How incredibly refreshing.

Super f'n grateful for finding a volunteer opportunity helping to socialize therapy/service dogs while they're pretty much out of work due to the lock-downs and such. OH MY DOG! What a delightful way to get a big dose of fur baby love each with with about 30ish dogs of all shapes and sizes. Be still my heart. (but not too still, please! lol)

Grateful for the shitty feeling days so I can remember just how good the better feeling days are. Lots of incentive to not waste a precious breath.

Grateful for the feels, smells, sounds, and sights of the seasons changing again. This time it's my favorite one coming up! I've got a big ol' case of spring fever up in here.

Grateful this space is always here when I arrive, be it for a quick read-by or to actually log in and partake.

Grateful for boundaries - especially the ones I struggle the most to set. Note to self - Retrain the brain, dear cell-ph. It can be done - you're living proof, already. Breathe deeply and on purpose, unlearn, relearn, plant seeds, be love, be well, be kind, be real, be.


I am grateful that I went to see an eye doctor
I am grateful that I had a very nice lunch
I am grateful that I am decluttering a lot, even digital stuff
I am grateful that I am noticing that I am beating myself up for decluttering instead of creating art
I am grateful that I didn't buy a lot of candy today


I'm grateful I made it through the day.
I'm grateful for the x2 times people offered to let me go ahead of them in line today.
I'm grateful my loved one said they had a great time.
I'm grateful the dog's elbow infection is no worse.
I'm grateful there was no flooding yet, at least.
I'm grateful I changed my vacation last monday and removed Easter.
I'm grateful a friend got out of the hospital.
I'm grateful I got communion, and can also not go til end of May.
I'm grateful for the warm response all week from so many people I haven't seen since september.
I'm grateful I could replace 2-fold something I took without asking.
I'm grateful for someone's tax refund, and grateful I'm ready to do mine up.