What Are You Grateful For Today?


I am grateful for this day
I am grateful for my trying out a teenager to teach my son math and it worked out fine
I am grateful for eating fish and chips with my kids
I am grateful for the love I receive
I am grateful that my t was kind to Liten
I am grateful that I can set boundaries easier
I am grateful that I convinced the father of my children to not change school.
I am grateful that I can say that I am scared of my emotions
I am grateful that I am at home resting, so tired


I'm grateful for this forum.
I'm grateful that terrible relationship with D could be converted in something meaningful and even supportive.
I'm so grateful for having my mum.
I'm grateful for having people who care about me.
I'm grateful for the place I am now.
I'm grateful I've been able to work towards getting here.
I'm grateful for the quality of the mattresses.
I'm grateful for my cat.
I'm grateful to be an artist.
I'm deeply grateful I can afford to just do almost whatever I like.
I'm grateful for having a very well thought therapist with experience in medication.
I'm grateful for weed lol.
I'm grateful I am sleeping better.
I'm grateful the noise in my head is diminishing.


That's great news.
Thank you @Survivor3 ! It sure is, as also if it wasn't it means you are likely to have a major heart attack or stroke and there's nothing to treat it with, as the blood vessels are the problem, & even an elective procedure is great risk. I think 50 is about the average lifespan.

And a real sweet and humble dr who called directly & didn't even call himself "doctor". 😊

I am very relieved, and so tired! Don't even think I will wash my face tonight, too beat. But I am very happy and grateful and thankful!