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What Are You Grateful For Today?

OMG, 15 minutes before dentist appt, b-i-l loading truck and giving me a ride, comes back, sister says,, 'Where is (the puppy)?" He says, 'I thought she was with you??" So there we are, all 3 of us running down the streets calling for her, the mailman (🏆) even tries to help- 1st time she has run away ever. Found someone with a dog, puppy had followed her then run home. O.M.G. Safe and sound! She knew better too as was all sheepish even later! B-i-l harder to train! 🤭

2. Still made it to first dentist visit in 38 years! Sweet sweet man, would go to him if in 100km radius before any other! Was taking bets- Turned out 1 regular cavity plus x2 small, yay, since eat my body weight in cookies monthly. Lifetime total (I thought up to a few months ago they were supposed to hurt if you had one?) i so dreaded it on so many accounts. Weird thing is, I hate (for obvious reasons) my teeth and my eyes, and who wants to go through embarrassment and explain never going in your life, yet am always told I have beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. (??) Thank God for ~weird people who see kindly.

3. Thanksgiving cactus is blooming since a day or 2 after Remembrance Day.

4. Funny, last night at work saw a perfect cross in the clouds, reversed white around it. But by the time I thought to get my camera it had re-formed to a different pattern. One of the people I know I had just learned died, thought of her. People thought she was difficult but I just filled in recently and she called me sweetie. Thankful.

5. Lots of other stuff, just too pooped to write. Too pooped to floss too, that's for sure lol.