What Are You Grateful For Today?

Grateful kids hamper toys are Hot. Just because it's a hamper no reason they can't be the Cool Kids, all the more reason. And can slip in x2 toys vs x1.
Tree coming supposedly amazing and all these bells and whistles. Not necessary but never had one like that, grateful to have such a chance as would get for others but not myself. Kind of Wow.
OMG!!!!! They cancelled the stuff today at an awfully triggering place!!! Hooray!!! O.M.G. I am so Very thankful!!!++++ And especially with no warning it was coming when they put it on, too.

Plus the pup jumped on me yesterday when I got home- not with her usual bowling-ball exuberance, but still jumped. So she is feeling a bit better. I thought I will never tell her, "No jumping, down. Feet on the floor" ever again!!! Jump away! 😊

And I am grateful when I see @Lionheart has been online! 🫂🫂🫂@Lionheart ! ❤️
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My sister's friend who has a good referral for garage door (torsion spring) repair. Hopefully he may be available as she and partner did it once but years ago in the summer, and not sure any of us is up to being able to accomplish it atm. And not in the weather (which is warm but not so warm for that job and outside). I can't lift a coffee cup atm, and we're all 12 years older. I have zero knowledge in that area. Amazed it hung in there as x2 ready-to-break(s) and looks like on a wing and a prayer. Years ago when it was manual my sister and I restrung the aircraft cable; they said it couldn't be done but we managed it, though it was a wonder we didn't get injured. We did but not any big injuries.