What Are You Grateful For Today?

For my friend M and having her in my life for over 40 years...God I will miss you.
For my puppy Missy the Imp who studies you and tries to figure out what she should steal to make you chase her.
For being able to shed tears freely when I am the person who learned never to let them see you cry!
I'm grateful for a secure and peaceful home
I'm grateful for the aspect of me taking me to do driving lessons
I'm grateful for the progress made today
I'm grateful for my knowledge of herbal medicine to support my body, mind, soul and spirit
I'm grateful for being able to get outside
I'm grateful for being aware of the aspect of me who puts on the brakes because they are afraid we will fail
I'm grateful for awareness of my feelings and returning capacity to be with them
Computer Glasses!!! I had no ides - my wife got some a couple years ago but wow. If you wear bifocals and spend significant time on a computer in a day - look into a pair. All they do is make a calculation from your glasses to a working distance from the screen and yeah! Way easier on the eyes.....