What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


My Dad loved Chitterlings, not do easy to find them nowadays. I wasn't as keen.

I remember having testicles in a vietnamese dish, they were nice, texture kind of as expected.


texture kind of as expected.
😂 Imagining the range of expectations among a random group of people. Poll question: how would you expect testicles to taste? lol
2/3s pig heart & honeycomb tripe

@nursenurse was it a dish of just penises or were you consuming the whole conch body so of course the penis would be included? I have questions! Also if it’s the latter since conchs are hermaphrodites you would have also consumed conch vagina as an added bonus! 🐚 🤣


you would have also consumed conch vagina as an added bonus! 🐚 🤣
Ever since they discontinued the wallaby burger and been required to use 100% beef? McDonalds has been the worlds number 1 purchaser of Cow Vaginas. Mmmmmm. Cow pussy.

Sorry/Not Sorry. 😉


The actual ingredients are buried about 30 pages deep in the company site, but not only does one finally get to the “pork picnic” but also the SKU for the actual product. And another 20 pages or so of coporate nonsense gets you the picnic ratios. I’ve been making copycat McRibs ever since. Using exactly those ratios. And… bliss.

I looooove McRibs. So much.


@Friday can you post your McRib recipe?

You can’t even buy cow vagina if you wanted to! Another trade secret—similar to high fructose corn syrup—it’s an ingredient in so many products but unavailable to consumers. Karo corn syrup is low fructose. There’s a book called “Twinkie” where the author tracks down the source of every ingredient and tries to make one from scratch and that was one ingredient he had to forego as he simply couldn’t get it. I think he might have been able to obtain like a drum full.


@OliveJewel, fresh out of the sea….of course we were having conch at supper. I wouldn’t have any idea where the male conch puts that thing…it is like a firmer glass noodle. Supposed to be an aphrodisiac. My ex hubbo and I split up right after that trip…🤣🤣🤣


Had a delicious satisfying Christmas Eve dinner of stuffed roasted sweet potato.

Bake a sweet potato.
Roast some seasoned garbanzo beans (I used powders of garlic, onion, and chili)
Make a dressing (tahini, garlic, lemon, chili)
Cut potato in half and stuff with the garbanzo beans, cubed avocado, the dressing, and sprinkle with gomasio or furikake


Not had this for ages, it's bloomin lovely

Serves 2
1 medium onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed & chopped
Baby plum tomatoes, halved
1 green & 1 red pepper, cut into strips
Pinch Espelette pepper (or Cayenne)
Chopped Basil
salt and freshly milled black pepper

Fry the onions for 5-10 minutes,
Add the Peppers and fry for 5-10 minutes
Add the tomatoes, garlic and espelette pepper and fry on a low heat till everything has softened. Add salt n pepper to taste

Serve topped with the Basil

I had mine with 2 fried eggs and a little crumbled cheshire cheese- white crumbly and tangy, bit like a dry feta


I like the idea of vegetable stir fry but the sauce is so often soy sauce heavy and leaves me bored and salty. I found a little word poem (I can’t remember what the right term is) that guides seasoning of Japanese cooking…


This is the order to add seasoning:
Sa = Sato (Sugar)
Shi = Shio (Salt)
Su = Su (Vinegar)
Se = Seoyo/Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
So = Miso

So I made a stir fry and used this mnemonic (is that the word?) and the results were stupendous!

This was the gist of my meal:
cabbage, sliced
onion, sliced
green beans
mushrooms, quartered
bell pepper, sliced

Sauté in oil for about five minutes.
Add cut up broccoli
Cook about five more minutes.

Add minced garlic and chili flakes
Add the sa-shi-su-se-so (the sugar and soy sauce were about equal)
Add stock with corn starch

Cook about two minutes to thicken.
Serve with rice.


This is the order to add seasoning:
Sa = Sato (Sugar)
Shi = Shio (Salt)
Su = Su (Vinegar)
Se = Seoyo/Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
So = Miso
Hilarious… That’s the Sa ‘alphabet’ line. In hiragana & katakana

Ah I (eeee) Oooh Eh Oh
Ka Ki Ku Keh Ko
Sa Shi Su Seh So
Ta Chi Tsu Teh Toh
Na Ni Nu Neh Noh
Ha Hi Hu Heh Hoh
Ma Mi Mu Meh Moh
Ra Ri Ruh Reh Ro
Ya Yu Yo
Wa Wo

Brilliant use of it!