What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)




I’m too lazy to make the Disney Version 🐀 although if I had my mandolin, wood fired oven, & frozen tomato pepper sauce it would actually be faster/easier. As I have exactly none of those things at my disposal? Chopped & sautéed up! are the orders of the day.


Hot 🥵 Chili, enough to feed the masses. With every pepper the grocery sells.

I’d share my recipe but I’m a from scratch, throw things together type.

But if you ever want yummy dry beans to make delicious chili:

Place dry beans in cold water overnight, rinse in the morning.

Replace water, add a boat load of salt and lots of dry bay leaves and boil for 1 hour. Allow to sit in hot pan of water until late afternoon and then use drain first for most recipes.

I use them when I make chili, white chicken chili, and ham bone soup. Which reminds me to ask all my friends who is having ham on a bone for Christmas or Thanksgiving because I need a bone to boil for a delicious broth.


This is pretty simple but tasty. Since there is only me, I add a handful of baby spinach to the bowl when reheating a portion, otherwise I find the spinach gets slimy. It doesn’t call for it, but it is a tasty addition and negates the need for a salad toss, unless you really want it: 15-Minute Garlic Parmesan White Beans Recipe

About once a week in hot weather (or snowy out w/ a fire blazing inside & I’m DONE! Done for the day! Bwaaahahahaha!) I make an Italian version I learned in Rome….

Just rinsed cannellini beans, thin sliced purple onion, a rather alarming amount of kosher salt, & olive oil.

Simply stir beans/onion/olive oil in a bowl, salt to taste, and let sit for 10min to an hour.

If I really feel like gilding the lily I’ll crack some pepper over the top. 🤣

Beans on Toast.

Happy Happy

If I’m feeling like veg I’ll smear a baguette slice with pesto, top woth tomato slices, sprinkle over parm or pecorino Romano if I’m feeding other people who can eat cheese, and nip into the toaster.


So I’m really going to have to try marrying the two, now! Minus the cheese should still be wicked good.
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I made curry chicken (homemade Yemenite hawajj with cinnamon and ground cloves && Hot & Spicy Duck/Goat powder and chili powder) with vegan sour cream, cherry tomatoes, garlic & salted onions and made some chicken sandwiches with. 😎 Weemie likes food.


🤣 Been craving fried chicken now 🤣

And my itsy bitsy deep fryer (fry daddy) makes that really inconvenient (yet possible!), so I’m going to split the difference for some

pop-corn chicken 😁

- Marinate boneless skinless chicken thigh halves & quarters in jalapeño “buttermilk” (cashew cream or coconut cream with a splash of apple cider vinegar & a handful of diced jalapeños) overnight. Total extra step, but whether buttermilk, or pickle juice (how chik filet does theirs), or “Turkey” brine? Swoon. Badass awesome juicy end result.

- dip* or double dip** in extra thick tempura batter

(Dip, drip, dunk!)
(Dip, drip, pixiedust, dip, drip, dunk!)

- deep fry in peanut oil until golden brown

Also makes for awesome spicy crispy chicken sandwiches, if thighs are butterflied (instead of bite sized), marinated in Serrano buttermilk, tempura batter dipped, Panko+HotSauce dredged, & deep fried. But I am out of buns, and am not walking 8mi to the store for them. 😜 Maybe later this week

* To minimize messy fingers I use a slotted spoon to scoop all the chicken pieces from the marinade to a ziplock bag with cornstarch, and shake shake shake! Pull apart any stuck together, and shake a bit more. Then dump them out onto a plate, and stab with a stick to dip into batter, drip, and dunk into hot oil (using another stick, or whatever, to scoot them off my stick. Then go for the next, and repeat).

** To double dip, have a bowl of cornstarch (pixiedust) on hand, and go from batter to cornstarch to batter to oil. I’m not a big “extra crispy” fan, but some people love that.
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This, used chick peas instead of the beans, veggie broth instead of chicken, added a couple of sprigs of thyme to the tomatoes/beans/broth and simmered while the veggies were roasting. Added some garlic to the roasting pan. Zucchini added with the roasted veggies to the base and some lemon juice, put a handful of baby spinach in a bowl, and ladelled away. A bit of Parmesan on top. Quite simple and very delish: Roasted Vegetable Soup | RICARDO


I had home-made garlic fingers! Bag of naan bread, olive oil spread over it, then mashed garlic over that, some black cherry & reaper sauce (sometimes I make it with habanero peppers), mozza, Monterey jack and muenster cheeses, along with some Yves Mexican ground "meat." Stick in the oven for about 10-13 minutes until cheese is cheesy and golden, then cut into little fingers and dip in donair sauce. 😋