What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


Most interested in the Cuban pork recipe
I have 2 foundational o Cuban pork recipes.

Puercos Masitas is simply pork butt/shoulder cubed and fried in it’s own fat with salt. I pair it with

- black beans & rice & diced green pepper (all cooked separately, and simply in water, then stirred together… although one CAN get fancy with any group; like rice in coconut milk & pineapple chunks and cilantro/lime, or Blackbeans with garlic/onion, or fire roasted peppers, etc.? Simple just works with this dish. Plain rice. Plan black beans. Minced green peppers).
- Plantains (savory) or Red finger bananas (sweet) cut into chunks and baked with salt and oil until for tender, and diced red peppers.
= Add all 3 in roughly equal proportions to 1 dish and freeze to nuke in the microwave at some point in the future for apx 8 minutes. Amaaaazing B vitamin & happy trace minerals head rush from the pork & banana combo, plus protein high from the rice&bean & animal protein. Mad comfort food.

MOJO Cuban Pork = Pork Butt / Shoulder cubed and marinated overnight in orange & lime juice, (ETA AND GARLIC >.<) with olive oil, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, & oregano…. Then simmered in the marinade + water until almost -but not quite- pulled pork, and sautéed /fried to “crispy” up the chunks. I put these bad boys on a baguette sandwich with garlic Mayo, Anaheim peppers, grilled onion, & cilantro.

Both of these recipes I usually do in restaurant/hotel tray BIG preps, because they both portion up & freeze like a dream. Whether as a whole meal (the Puercos Masitas) or sandwich boss that needs fresh everything else added.
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Yummo, @Friday ! Love the mojo pork. This past weekend I cooked up a beef bourguignon for work with make ahead mashed at home to take to the north. We are so short staffed, I figured if we can’t all sit down, we can at least grab a bowl of something home made and take it to our own residences. Then came my travel screw ups because the Idiots in Charge can’t make a bloody schedule. So I wasn’t going to my usual placement. I wasn’t going to take stew for ten to a place with just two of us. Well shake that sack of flour, and two other placements and a cancelled flight later, I am back to my original placement without all 5he food I cooked. That f-Sharp you heard last night? Was mine going around the world.


Love the mojo pork.
I’m more of a Caribbean girl, than strictly Cuban, as I love the wild variation creole islands bring to the table… but 3 Guys From Miami Cook Cuban & Easy to make Cuban, Spanish, and Latin American food. is one of my favourite places to double check my recollection of things. And they’re storytellers, so you get all the “If you live somewhere that doesn’t even know what you’re talking about, much less sell, sour orange juice? Just hit regular OJ with some lime, or lemon/lime. At these ratios.” (And then another brother chimes in with, Nah, a VitC tablet crushed up works a treat” , etc.). Very “Food is art. Wing it. Have fun!”


I have flagged the website. I am supposed to cleaning, which I could be happily putting off to browse that site. One of the quacks has meat skewers and moussaka, so i am making Greek lemon roasted potatoes.


Chicken and dumplings


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