What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)



I never make a whole helluva lotta these… usually just 40-50, depending on how many tortillas come per package. (As opposed to when I make tamales, and make several hundred a batch; because tamales are super obnoxious to make, whether you’re making 20, 200, or 2,000; but flautas are fast & easy.).

I use the “toasting” (No toasters involved) method most often (to toast/freeze/bake later), but if I’m hungry right durn now?!? (Feeeed me Seymore!) I’ll shallow fry them. The biggest difference between toasting and shallow frying is the amount of oil. To toast the tortillas and set the shape / add oil before freezing? It’s only a couple teaspoons. To shallow fry & cook through? It’s a solid centimeter / a cup of oil, or more.

CarlsbadCravings does a great job at giving a basic recipe, a good look at all the wild variations, and multiple cooking methods. (Toasting, shallowfrying, deep frying, air frying, baking, etc.).



^^^^ Speaking of wild variation ^^^

I have also, on occasion, made

Reuben Flautas;
- Swirled Rye tortillas
- Corned beef
- beer soaked sauerkraut
- avocado slices or cheese

Turkey Pesto Pickled/Veggie Flautas
- Flour tortillas
- What would otherwise go inside a sandwich

Chicken & Peppers, or Sausage & peppers

Et Cetera.

Most often I use Latin flavors &/or Latin leftovers rolled up & fried/frozen for later. But if I’m short on bread, for any reason? What I’d otherwise put in a toasted sammie is also damn delicious rolled up in a tortilla and fried.


Not-Pizza Bites

(still tastes like pizza, and hits the craving button, even without the bread & cheese!)

- Button Mushrooms (white or baby portobello)
- Marinara
- Italian Sausage
- Olive oil

Preheat oven to 400F/200C

Drizzle olive oil across a cookie sheet.

Stem mushrooms, add a little dollup or marinara to each, then stuff with sausage (a melon-baller works awesome for this), and place on oiled cookie sheet. Bake until sausage temps at 150F/65C. Cooking times vary a lot depending on size of mushrooms and how big your sausage balls are. Bite size is usually 10-15. 2 bite 15-25.